Sunday 14 March 2010

Mothers Day flowers

At school I made paper flowers with pipe cleaners for the stem.They were easy to make, I will show you how.
First you cut a pipecleaner in half
Then choose two paper tissue circles and stick them through the spicky bit of the pipecleaner
Then scrunch the tissue paper
Then get the bit of pipecleaner near the top and wrap round once
There you have a flower and if you want to you can put some ribbon, then get scissors and on the none shiny side pull the scissors across to make curls
I made them for mum and she liked them lots.

Phoebe x

Tuesday 22 December 2009

Christmas Cards

At school I made some Christmas cards. I made two in class and one in breakfast club where I go before school.

It was fun making them and it was quite easy as well.

I made one of these two for my Dad and Tina and my sister Evie and their cat Hollie. I made the other one for Nanny Netts and Gramps and Jarvis the dog.
I made this one for my Nanny Irene and Mick - I'm not allowed to call him Grandad because he said it makes him feel old. He is a daftie. My sister Ruby calls him Grandad and he pretends to get stroppy.
Happy Christmas :)

Sunday 2 August 2009


I did a scrapbook page at the weekend of me and my other little sister Evie. She is 3. This is the first time I used alcohol inks. The squares are tin foil with alcohol ink on.

Wednesday 29 July 2009

Scrapbook Pages

This is my sister Ruby she was 3 weeks old when I did this page. This is my favourite scrapbook page that I have done.

This page I did of me and my sister. My sister is Devon and she can be a bit crazy. I coloured in some Love Elsie doodle papers for the background. This is my 2nd favourite page that I've done.

This is when we did the big hush at school for Macmillan nurses. We raised lots of money and I had to be quiet for half an hour. It was really hard for the boys in my class.