Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Christmas Cards

At school I made some Christmas cards. I made two in class and one in breakfast club where I go before school.

It was fun making them and it was quite easy as well.

I made one of these two for my Dad and Tina and my sister Evie and their cat Hollie. I made the other one for Nanny Netts and Gramps and Jarvis the dog.
I made this one for my Nanny Irene and Mick - I'm not allowed to call him Grandad because he said it makes him feel old. He is a daftie. My sister Ruby calls him Grandad and he pretends to get stroppy.
Happy Christmas :)


  1. Great cards Phoebs, considering you come from a Mum who says she can't do 'em, I'd say you've inherited a strong card making gene!
    Tell Grandad Mick - it's the LAW to be old!!

  2. Wow Phoebe I am loving these cards ... Have a wonderful Christmas ... and don't forget to go to bed early on Christmas Eve so you get lots of presents ;0)

  3. They are fantastic cards, you're very clever :-)

  4. hiya pheebopa

    well done on your cards my favourite one is the yellow, cracker one :)

    she'll go to bed early won't cha sis :)

    hey how comes I'm not getting a card lol (joking)

  5. there's an Award on my blog for you please come and collect it.